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ShreeCrypto provides Consultancy Services in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, dApps, Defi, DAO, NFTs, Metaverse & WEB3.0 & Industrial Revolution 4.0! We also help Individuals & Institutions in launching their Start-Ups in all these domains.


We have created multiple Trainings which can be beneficial to Students, Professors, Researchers, Bankers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Government Officials, Regulators, Law & Enforcement Bodies, etc. And most of all the young & dynamic Entrepreneurs!

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Meet our Founder & CEO - Shreekant Kulkarni

Shreekant is a Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology professional working deeply in the crypto and blockchain space since 2016. With extensive expertise in training, Shreekant has trained over 5000 enthusiasts in the multiple aspects of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, NFTs, & Metaverse amongst others. He also works on solving multiple problems and roadblocks for different domains leveraging Decentralised Systems. Shree is also passionate about Sustainable Development & Environment Protection.
He is also the Co-Chair of the IRIA Blockchain Forum & Founder of Kimaya Technologies LLC, Spandan Technologies, & the Co-Founder of  KNW  Decentralised Innovations LLC, USA..

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Class starts from - 2nd November 2022
Mode of Classes - Live Classes

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