As the first & most renowned Trainers in Cryptocurrency Domain in India, our Founder: Shreekant Kulkarni has already helped thousands of people achieve their Goals in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, NFTs, Metaverse, Web3.0 & related Domains.
Due to his dedication in the Cryptocurrency Domain, he quickly earned a nickname: “ShreeCrypto”.So when he decided to launch his Services to the masses he went with the same name: “ShreeCrypto”
He already has also built deep connections in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem & enjoys a Huge Network of Experts, Founders, Developers & Influencers. He has also built a great team of experts at “ShreeCrypto” which is working round the clock on the goal of delivering State Of Art Consultancy, Training, Research & Development & Crypto Start-Up Services in the most ethical & efficient way possible!

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My Crypto Journey!

I was making my switch from Job to Business in late 2015 when I came across Bitcoin for the third time in my life. ($10, $100 & $300)I had heard about Bitcoin twice before but somehow it didn’t click.
The third time it didn’t just click but it actually took over my life!!!
I dedicated 10-15 hours a day to studying Bitcoin. And I was looking for ways to enter the Cryptocurrency Domain. I was super excited about it & even though I was doing a lot of research already, I took some points for granted & invested most of my Bitcoin in a Mining Company.
I lost a lot of money because it turned out to be a scam!
I quickly decided to study the domain more seriously so that I won't get scammed ever again. I also made it my mission to educate people so that they also don’t scam. I knew very well that there will be huge opportunities for Growth for millions of people in the Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Domain in the near future. So I began conducting Training in 2017.
Long Story Short, until now I have trained 5000+ Students & handle multiple Start-Ups in related fields.
My goal is to educate a Million People by 2025! I also run three Youtube Channels for Cryptocurrency Market Updates in three different languages: Marathi, Hindi & English.(Just search with the name ”ShreeCrypto” on Youtube.)
It's totally possible that your initial experience in Cryptocurrencies was different than mine. But this is a very fast-moving field & has a lot of volatility. So it helps if someone with real experience & good intentions is guiding you. I suggest you read the Bitcoin WhitePaper first & then search for other authentic sources for Cryptocurrency knowledge.
No matter what you have experienced in the past, I always recommend investing some time and attention to Cryptocurrency, NFT & Metaverse Domains.
I am not suggesting you buy any assets! But just dedicate some time to understand the Decentralised World of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology
Please remember, that I am not a Financial / Legal / Tax Advisor. So do your own research & take Expert Advice before taking any investment decisions.
All the Best for your Crypto Journey!

– Shreekant Kulkarni
Founder & CEO: ShreeCrypto


Our Team

We have a diverse Team of Experts with never before seen capabilities in the following areas: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, dApps, NFTs, Defi, DAO, Metaverse, WEB3.0, Smart Contracts Development, Smart Contracts Audits, Tokenisation, Fractional Ownership, Whitepaper, Accounting, Law & many more…!

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